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8 Amazing Benefits of Running

Fancy clothes? Check. Fancy app and wearables? Check. Stamina? …

Sometimes, there’s little excuse for not running or working out. You see the fit mums who work full time and take care of 4 young children, who cook, clean and do everything and still make time for the gym. Then the self-loathing kicks in (literally!).

Any sort of exercise is beneficial to the body, we all know that. So other than that trying to chalk up your steps for your new Fitbit or Mi Band, here are eight health benefits you’ll get from the easiest workout of all time (just put on your shoes and go!) — running!


Any form of cardio is good for the heart but having said that, you should . Your heart benefits because as you run or move more, it beats faster to circulate your blood and regulate your breathing. Ahhh!

it nixes the stress

Big week at work? Stress levels through the roof? Research has shown that running helps reduce anxiety and boost serotonin levels. Regular runners find the repetitive motion to be meditative and calming.

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it helps you beat certain diseases

According to research, exercises like running and other similar vigorous activities can help reduce your risk of contracting serious forms of cancer by 24 per cent.

immunity goes through the roof

As a runner, you are less prone to sickness and disabilities as you age.

it helps cut the kilos

Forget burning calories, running sets them ablaze and burns fat faster than most workouts!

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Gets you in the mood

If you’re feeling blue, running can help. The activity gives you what is called a “runner’s high”, thanks to the endorphins that are released while you workout. If there’s ever a good addiction, this is it.

makes you smarter

Running increases the blood flow to your brain, which in turns increases the nutrients and oxygen supplies to your noggin. This will make you more productive at work, increase memory strength and recollection abilities. It also helps the formation of new nerve cells and blood vessels – so your brain actually grows as opposed to shrinking like it usually does when you get older!

helps you sleep better

Because it’s such a physically exerting activity, you’ll fall asleep quicker and more soundly, and wake up less in the middle of the night.

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Do you feel like hitting the pavement already?

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