8 Signs That Your Clubbing Days Are Over

The weekend is coming and a clubbing invitation comes along and all you can think about are the uncomfortable shoes, overpriced drinks, queues for everything and horrible music. Could it be that your clubbing days are behind you?

You take off your bra when you get home.
Hence you’re pretty much not going out already, because partying without your underwear is so Lindsay Lohan on a downward spiral.

Pre-drinking is no longer necessary.
Getting sloshed used to be a lot more difficult seeing as you couldn’t actually afford club booze before so pre-drinking is pivotal. Nowadays, two beers is enough to give you a buzz. Pre-drinks? What pre-drinks?

Club hopping is no longer a legit exercise in your mind.
Shaking it in five inch heels might still count, but club hopping is just a hazard to the health. Dancing with strangers have also begun to give you anxiety.

You actually like having productive weekends now.
Waking up way past noon, hungover and craving for greasy pizza? No thanks. Brunch with a good cuppa and catching up with friends sound way better.

“Let me take a selfie.” Uh. No.
Having to look like you’re having a good time is a lot less important than actually having a good time.

You’ve started embracing the “natural” look.
Sure, nobody says no to a good pop of red but it’s all about the nudes (and we mean the face palette). Glitterati and smokey eye just takes too much effort.

Good judgement calls are made more often.
So maybe you still go out from time to time. But you know your party-heavy days are behind you when Mr. Good Judgement makes an appearance or two when you’re out drinking and stops you from diving into the pool, from the roof, with all your accessories and phone still on you.

You have to get into the mood to go out.
Because you can go out, or you can catch up on sleep. And almost always the choice is to get sleep.