9 Clever Beauty Hacks Using Vaseline


Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a common household product for its multitasking ability and cheap price tag. There’s more to it than just as a lip moisturiser and here we gathered a few different ways to maximise its potential to ease your beauty routine!

Smooth hair

Tame frizz and seal those dry split ends with a bit of petroleum jelly. This trick can even be used to keep unruly brow hairs in place!

As a highlighter

Blend a small amount of Vaseline on your cheekbones for that dewy, luminous glow. Do the same along your shins too and you’ll get an irresistible goddess-like glow instantly.

Prep skin for fragrance

Make your scent last longer by rubbing some Vaseline on your pulse points before you spritz, as fragrance clings on to hydrated skin better than dry skin.

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DIY foot spa

Rejuvenate cracked heels and dry knuckles by spreading petroleum jelly all over the area, slip on a pair of socks and go to bed, we promise you’ll wake up to smoother, healthier skin the next morning.

Customise your cosmetics

Turn your favourite loose pigments into a cream eyeshadow, blush or even a tinted lip balm by mixing them with Vaseline. Make-up just got even more fun than it already is!

Mess-free manicure

Apply a generous amount of Vaseline along your cuticles to keep nail polish off of you skin. You’ll get the perfect manicure each time without the hassle of cleaning up!

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As a clear mascara

Rock the “no-makeup” make-up look and embrace your natural beauty by smoothing Vaseline on your lashes for a fuller, glossier look. Plus, it’s a great way to condition your lashes!

As an eye make-up remover

Vaseline makes a great inexpensive dupe for an eye make-up remover that is effective yet gentle enough on the delicate eye area. Dip some on a cotton bud and simply wipe away!

DIY scrub

Mix a bit of sugar and Vaseline together and you get a lip scrub to exfoliate all those nasty dry, dead skin. Mix with sea salt and you have yourself a body scrub to use in the shower.

Credit: www.byrdie.com