9 Useful Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Closet

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You have “nothing to wear” but your closet looks like a scene from Hoarders.

Most girls and guys are guilty of owning more clothes than they need. I mean, take a look at your closet (how many do you have?) and ask yourself if you’ve actually worn every single item in there.

But before you even think of planning your next shopping trip to splurge all your savings, let’s properly clean out that closet, shall we?

Use these rules to throw out your old, unwanted crap for newer, much-wanted chic!

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1. Take your time

Have your girlfriends over, put on some music and get started on the mimosas because things are about to get real serious, real soon. You’ll need to decide which items you want to part with and which ones you want to hold on to.

Be sure to get rid of the ones that don’t fit anymore. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you’re going to shed those last few pounds and squeeze into them – just give them up. 

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