The 6 Apps You Can Use To Make Money On The Side In Malaysia

If you’re a millennial living in Malaysia, you’ll agree that you can feel the crunch. You have your main job that’s making you some dollars, but with the rising cost of living in Malaysia and some essentials that also cost a bomb,

Thanks to technology, though, you can make money on the side quite easily and also via some nifty apps. These aren’t get-rich-quick schemes though, and they’re not those gambling or money loaning websites. Some of these still require your skill and knowledge that come into play.

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As restless millennials, though, we don’t see what’s so wrong with that. If you’ve got nothing to do on the weekends, why not be a personal shopper or rent out your parent’s old car that barely gets used?

Here’s a list of mobile apps you can use to earn extra cash and they’re all available in Malaysia. You’re one step closer to that bougie lifestyle!

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SnapAsk: Tutor students online

How it works: SnapAsk is a mobile app that allows students to get personalised help from tutors. As a tutor, you’ll be helping students with their schoolwork on a flexible schedule. Students will pose a question and upload a photo of their schoolwork.

What you’ll need: Strong performance in your subject of choice. Include your SPM, A-levels, polytechnic or university certificates and transcripts in your application. For those who are still an undergrad, you can submit your matriculation card.

How much you’ll earn: You’re paid per question answered. The tutor incentive programme changes from time to time so you can check with the support team.

Available on: Android and iOS.

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