Why The “BBC Interview Video” Is The Funniest Thing Ever

Hokay, so you’ve seen the BBC Interview Video that has been making rounds and rounds on your Facebook feed and basically the whole of the interweb, right? First off, the video was a Skype interview with professor Robert Kelly about South Korea, which was then interrupted by the antics of his young family that resulted in cutely humiliating slapstick that couldn’t have possibly been written by the comedic geniuses of the world. That’s the best part, it wasn’t staged, planned, or anything, but it resulted in pure comedy GOLD.

From just a humble intellectual, Prof Robert Kelly basically the king of the Internet right now. The meme GOD if you will.

If you live under a rock and haven’t seen it, here is the full video. WARNING: A LOT OF LAUGHTER WILL ENSUE.

We break it down to you in simple millennial terms that will make sure that if you ever want to go viral, you do all of this. All. Of. It.

1. Very important. Much serious.

So to set the tone, Professor and the interviewer are speaking about something very important. The words “scandal” and “democracy” make their debut. He’s wearing a suit (BUT MAYBE NO PANTS? It would explain what follows…)

2. La di da di da. His young daughter casually strolls in…

And his face immediately goes, “WTF.” This is basically the face of WTF. Don’t even explain anything to us RN. And just take a look at that swagger. She is confident AF. You can practically hear her humming a tune. YOU GO LITTLE GIRL! *Fist pump*

3. We are convinced he’s wearing no pants. Evidence below.

The situation gets a little light-hearted; interviewer says “I think one of your children has just walked in.” Professor is acting all cool like Kanye but that one-handed push is all like “GTFO of here RN PLZ”. Here’s the thing. He could have just said “Sorry, omg, let me go put this lil rascal outside and actually lock my door” But he doesn’t move from his table. EVIDENCE he is just wearing boxers underneath the screen. WE ARE CONVINCED.

4. Little girl doesn’t get the hint, stays to chill, dad obviously has no chill at all, but look what happens next.

A FREAKING. BABY. IN A WALKER. RUNS THE F IN. This child is under 1, and yet, it had all the motor skills and functions to chase after his older sibling and to see what Dad’s up to. Look at the precision of the maneouvering through that door. He takes the corner like a PRO. Then, you see the moment dad’s face goes “OH F**K LAH”.

It’s so obvious that Mum looked away for ONE. FREAKING. SECOND. Probably to put some dishes on the rack. Because this happens:

5. Mum has run from the other side of the freaking house with “OMFG I TURNED AWAY FOR ONE SECOND!!!!!” all over her face and she grabs them with the “COME HERE YOU LIL [email protected]#[email protected]%!ERS!” kinda move.

We can’t ignore or not draw comparisons with Kramer. Seriously. The resemblance is just too uncanny.

6. It doesn’t. Freaking. End. There.

Dad is trying to still stay Kanye but even he cracks a smile. Mum is freaking TF out, drags the little guys out of the room the way a wolf grabs her cubs. Books fall, bed moves, door is flapping. She thinks the camera is angled in a way where she can’t be seen because…

7. She does that Ninja-Mum move by staying close to the floor and grabs the door handle to shut the door.

Totally didn’t see any of that, Mum. Professor is long-blinking in pure humiliation. He’s wishing this away. But little does he know how Internet famous he would become in mere hours.

We applaud you, sir. Thank you for giving us all the reasons to convince our readers to keep watching important, hard-hitting interviews on BBC. Thank you and your family very much for this!