10 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money Based On Your Personality

When you get your first job, you’re so psyched when pay day’s here and you start splurging on the things on your wishlist. You say to yourself, I deserve this! Treating yourself for hustling hard is a good motivation, but reality is we need some cash saved up for emergencies.

Earning money = werk, werk, werk. That’s the first thought that comes to mind, that it’s going to be dreadful, long hours, blood, sweat and tears. What if we told you there are fun ways you can make some money?

Swipe through for 10 ways you can make extra cash in a way that matches your personality!

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Make money on YouTube

Get comfy in front of the camera like Zoella!

Already putting up videos on YouTube? Why not earn some side cash from it? Monetise your content with the YouTube Partner Programme. Knowing your audience will really help to boost your earnings, too. Research on the Malaysian market, the local audience’s interests and use that to your favour.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions for YouTube content —


One of the things people tend to search for on the Internet is how to do something. If you’re particularly good at something, like beauty, tech, art, anything at all, share your expertise with the world. 

Offer solutions

Another thing people always look for? Answers to their problems, like how to clean stains, cool life hacks or more serious stuff like how to recover a lost Word doc. You’ll definitely get tonnes of views from these types of videos.

Do product reviews

People want to know whether it’s worth investing in something. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, make-up, anything really. Bonus points if you’re totally unbiased (tbh people can see right through that).

Share what you love

If you’re really lost for ideas, think about what you enjoy. For example, if you’re into gaming, you can do a walk through for others who really want to pick the game up.

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