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Easy Workout Moves For Your Vacay

Kellogg’s wants you to keep working on that rocking bod even if you’re on holiday. So here are some expert approved ways of getting in 30 minutes of daily exercise for your Kellogg’s Special K 2-Week Challenge. They’re a fun way to keeping fit, plus, you don’t even have to put on your gym outfit to bust these moves!

Dancing Queen

Love your drinks? For every cocktail you kick back, hit up the dance floor for an entire song. This way you know you’re burning off the calories, while having the time of your life. Get the party going by getting your girlies to do the same too!

The Ab Alert

Spot a cutie? Great, now take a deep breath and clench your abs as hard as you can. Hold it in for five seconds, and release. Repeat for 10 hotties.


Well, it’s not exactly a move, but playing frisbee is not only a whole lot of fun – it’s also a full body workout. All that jumping, catching and running involves your entire body, and you wouldn’t even feel drained.

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