Editor’s Note — Welcome To The CLEO Earth Day Digital Issue

CLEO’s Ed, Lina Esa

So much of our modern life seems so unnatural. We work until we’re sick, then hope that a yoga session will stretch it to nothingness. We fly to far-off destinations to retreat from our lives because we spend hours bent over at a desk to pay for that flight. We’ve also been trained to buy-to-wear-to-eventually-throw-away. Our train of thought tends to end there – what happens when something goes into the bin?

This isn’t a note to guilt us of the lives we’re living, but it’s something that many of us have come to realise – and some amazing individuals are doing work to make meaningfulness part of mindfulness. April 22 is Earth Day and this is where we found the theme of this digital issue. Earth is our future, as is modern technology.

We found a conscious store that features slow fashion and brands that bring slowness to the fast-paced fashion world, which is a totally fresh breath of air. Sustainability is not new, but it’s something that we all can be more mindful of – and you can try your hand at upcycling at Me.reka, an amazing collective that’s based in Publika that will make something out of anything.

Same goes with this other ice cream joint that we found that stays by the “waste nothing” attitude — where they’d use the whole fruit, the whole everything and not throw anything away. Treat everything as precious — isn’t that what life is all about?

The state of our environment and our rivers are at crying point – but there are ways people like you and me can make a difference. Going back to zero isn’t easy and won’t happen overnight, but Melissa Tan explained how small steps can reduce your household waste, while Davina Goh give us insider info on how you (YOU) can help quell the choking amount of plastic going into our rivers.

In our exclusives, #TeamCLEO interviewed the one and only Lana Condor who is in her very special way reshaping the way Hollywood looks (literally) by being a young Asian female as a lead actor and not just a sidekick. A special look also goes into the mind of the enigmatic George Maple, an Australian artiste who moves with the vibrations of each city and how she gets inspired.

Since the world is so vast and there’s so much to see and traverse — we as individuals need to tune back into moving slow and wasting less. Try it for a week, then see where it gets you this time next year. Hope to see you at the other end of it!


Lina Esa, Editor, CLEO Malaysia


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