What You’re Thinking When You Bump Into An Ex

Forget slapstick comedy, last year’s viral smash hit video like A Relationship in 5 Minutes have proven that viral videos today lean towards realism. And realism is exactly what we’re getting.

Writer and comedian Alison Griffin Vingiano’s new short Exes was inspired by her own run-in with an ex at a mutual friend’s book reading. The run-in had given her an epiphany to write the video that illustrates, “how insignificant language can be, and how much of what we were actually saying to each other was BS.”

In the video, the former couple has conveniently (and hilariously) decoded subtitles for everything they are saying — like when “I’m doing great” really means “God, I’ve missed you.”

Vingiano was also interested in shedding some light on the unique space an ex can take up in our lives — a space where “you look nice” could or could not mean “I want to sleep with you.”

The charming little video was directed by T.J. Misny (who shot and directed the viral video Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong) and it begs the question — are we really that predictable? Watch the whole video here:

Pictures: Youtube