[EXCLUSIVE] Politician Dyana Sofya Tells Us How She Handles Haters

Text and interview by Averlyn Lim

On this balmy afternoon, Bukit Bendera MP (Member of Parliament) Zairil Khir Johari and lawyer Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud look nothing like a couple that has been facing haters commenting on their relationship, waiting to be interviewed by #TeamCLEO. Instead, the political power couple are seated comfortably on a grey couch by the pool and are very much at ease as they laugh, banter and finish each other's sentences.

Being in the public eye (Dyana was once the political secretary to DAP MP Lim Kit Siang), both have had their fair share of scrutiny. But despite the rumours that surround their relationship, the two have brushed it off and remain grounded (no doubt thanks to their amazing support system at home).

While we could not get them to comment on whether both of them would be running in the upcoming elections (it's still being finalised), the happy newly-engaged couple opened up and shared their first impressions of each other, how they silence haters, what feminism means to them and what it takes to create change.

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Some might say that you’re moving too fast – what’s your opinion on that?

D: We were friends for a very long time – he is, and still is, my best friend so I guess it helps a lot. It is moving quite fast, but because I’ve known him for so many years, I feel that he’s the right person.

Z: I think I subscribed to the gut feeling. When you know it is right, it’s right.

What is the one truth that young people should know, and accept, about relationships?

Z: Oh, good question! On one hand, I think people should follow their heart, but on the other, you also need to realize that real life isn’t a fairytale. There are ups and downs, and when you accept someone, you accept both the good and bad. That sounds easy to do, but ultimately can be quite challenging as well. I also think compatibility and compromise is important.

D: One of the most important things for me is for the relationship to grow together – the great thing about us is that we grew together, and our interest grows with each other. Initially, I Was only interested in local politics but then it grew to regional and international politics after I got to know him. We constantly talk and banter about all this and that’s how we make the relationship interesting.

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