The 10-Step Plan To Getting Better Sleep

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Sleep is not a vice – cutting back or doing without may be a virtue if it’s cigarettes, a second slice of cake or nail-biting stress. But why cut back on something as healthful and restorative as restful slumber?

Understand the need for sleep.

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know how important sleep is. And as every pseudo-intellectual bartender in movies will tell you, admitting a problem is the first step to recovery!

Make sleep a priority.

It is as important as your mealtimes and sex (no, really). Don’t relegate it to something you do “when everything else is done”.

Watch your diet.

A balanced diet will help you sleep better, but remember to stay away from alcohol, sleeping pills, caffeine and cigarettes too close to bedtime. They’ll only put a dent in your journey to fruitful slumber.

Exercise and be active.

As much as our inner sloths would hate to admit it, regular exercise – though not too close to your bedtime – will improve your chances of getting regular, quality sleep.

Learn to relax.

Tension and stress at bedtime is the simplest recipe for a restless night. Try meditation or some light reading before your sleep.

Sort out your sleep routine.

Get into a pattern of going to sleep the same time every night, and waking the same time every day whether it’s a holiday or not. Not only will you feel better rested, you’ll also be more productive!

Organise your time.

No matter what you think, there really are enough hours in a day to do everything. It’s just a question of smart organisation.

Develop healthy thinking and control the worry.

Worrying can keep you up and sleepless even when your body needs rest. Adopt some worry-free strategies such as exercise, meditation ad structured problem-solving.

Deal with problems.

Sort out your relationships, work or mental or physical problems. With less to think about, you’ll sleep better for sure.


You have to make good sleep a habit, and this will take time. Don’t give up too easily! Your body (and mind) will thank you at the end of the day.