Gwyneth Paltrow Is ‘Happy’ She Helped Raise Awareness Of Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The Goop founder has claimed she was sexually harassed by Weinstein at the age of 22 when she was hired to star in ‘Emma’ and alleges he placed his hands on her shoulders and suggested they go into the bedroom for massages.

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And Paltrow is glad that her coming forward has helped others do so too.

She told CNBC: “I think it’s incredible what’s happening. This is long overdue. There’s been this incredible confluence of events that’s really led to women coming together and feeling safe in numbers to come forward and talk about their experiences across all different industries.

“It’s my hope that this is the beginning of something important and different and that my daughter, when she goes into the workplace, won’t experience what … millions of other women have had to endure. And so it feels important, and I’m happy that I have played a small part in it.”

It comes after the blonde beauty thanked the women of Hollywood for their “support” after she made the claims against Weinstein.

She shared: “It’s really wonderful to be in a room with so many women who are making a difference and supporting the causes that mean the most to them. As everybody said, it’s especially timely right now. I feel very honored to be amongst you all and very honoured, after many decades in this industry, to feel the support and coming together of everybody in this industry this week. So thank you very much.”

Weinstein has been accused of sexually assaulting more than 50 women over a 30 year period.

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