Cranky Co-workers Stressing You Out? Here’s How To Deal With Them

Original Reporting: | Hidayah Idris

Anyone who has been working for at least a few months can safely say that they’ve met people from all walks of life. By “people”, we mean colleagues and by “all walks of life”, we mean all types of characters. There are the super helpful colleagues who try to lend a hand no matter how busy they are. And then, there are the people who put the “cray” in “crazy” and “cranky”.

Before you hit a hole in your office wall or go bald from pulling out your hair, here are a few ways to deal with those cranky characters.



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This is easier said than done. When you have a specimen beside you who is happy like a kid who was given candy one moment, and angry like she missed a sale the next, life is not easy. She changes quicker than The Hulk. Maybe her secret is because she’s “always angry”. Which is why, you can’t do anything but try to ignore her.

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