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6 Instagram Accounts That Protect The Female Gaze

Instagram is this space where we see, well, “perfection” everywhere. From travel photos, OOTDs to food flatlays, these photos are usually a stream of filtered everything. Then of course, it’s the Insta accounts that curate really good-looking people with a theme. Cue the popular feminist theory of the “male gaze” — it essentially talks about how women are portrayed in media that pleases the male viewer.

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And let’s be real ladies, we all know that we check women out ourselves, especially in this era of social media. Well, we want to address the opposite in that the “female gaze” is just as significant. Times are changing y’all, and there are Insta accounts that protect the female gaze, too!

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Scroll through for 6 Insta accounts we’ve curated that definitely got us lookin’, and not just on appearances. Well, not saying that we don’t appreciate a hot guy when we see one. #Enjoy.

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This Insta account has a million followers so you know what that means — People are really into looking at guys…reading. We get it, it’s not your typical guys Insta where they’re just posing and it’s obvs they’re real into their looks. In fact, these are real guys actually reading. Plus, we’re lucky if we can find a guy who reads these days.

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