Make-up Tricks For Every Selfieholic

Mastering the selfie is more than just pouting your pucker and hoping for the best. Here are 6 tips on mastering picture perfect make-up so you’ll always look amazing. You’ll never have to be embarrassed when you find yourself tagged on Facebook or Instagram ever again!

Don’t forget to prime.
Most people overlook it, but you have to start with a primer. It’s the most important thing in the world, because it’s what keeps your make-up in place.

Mattes are your friend.
Matte formulas are flat colors. They don’t sparkle or shimmer and you want exactly that when you’re going to be photographed. A camera’s flash will reflect light on your face and if you use a powder or foundation with shimmer, instead of having a beautiful glow, you’ll look more like an oil spill. #truestory

Use natural light.
Left the house with your make-up looking perfect but end up looking like a clown in photos? Well, that’s because certain lights wash you out, causing you to put on more than you need. So remember, natural light is best for when applying make-up and you’ll never overdo it ever again.

Blend in the concealer.
We all get by with a little help from our friend the concealer, but concealers can look a little harsh when seen on screen. Remember to blend in your concealer by lightly tapping on the spots you’ve applied it. Also a good thing to remember is to never rub concealer in as you’ll run the risk of revealing fine lines and awkward patchy coloring.

Use the blackest of blacks.
If you normally use browns eyeliners or mascaras, now is the time to opt for black. A dark hue will give you a sharper contrast, and this contrast will define your eyes and make them pop even more.

Blush up.
If you’re going in for a groupfie in a club, the flash from your camera or phone will make your complexion look washed out. Blush adds that healthy pinkish glow to your cheeks and gives definition to the face. So blush up on the apples of your cheeks! (But not too much, remember what we said about looking like a clown?)