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The 8 Malaysian Essential Oil Brands For Your Everyday Needs

Essential oils (#FYI: volatile liquids that are extracted from plants) are miracle workers. From aiding your morning commutes to the constant in-and-out of drying indoor air conditioning systems, Malaysian weather really takes a toll on your skin complexion (ugh).

Aromatherapy, treating skin conditions, soothing muscle inflammation… the benefits of essential oils are abound. If you’re a fan of amazing scents and approaching health the old fashioned way, then these essential oils might be for you.

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Clean and cruelty-free beauty isn’t always necessarily affordable — but these local essential oils that we’ve rounded up are all at prices that won’t leave you #broke.

Here are a few of our top picks:

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Known as one of the oldest and most highly regarded for soothing digestion, making tea tree oil a must-have for every household. Got angry, inflamed skin from sunburn or other sensitivities? Dab a few drops on a blemish to zap bacteria and soothe any redness. Also check out Puras for their full range of all-natural oils and healing journey.

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