Here’s Where You Can Hear From Malaysian Medical Frontliners And Thank Them

We’re currently in the thick of the Movement Control Order which was announced on 18 March 2020 by our Prime Minister. (If you’re reading this from the future, we hope that the world’s order is restored!)

If you’re in the here and now, and currently at home right now, you can feel a little bit helpless. Sure, it’s all fun and games to stay indoors and do your Instagram challenges and do work in your underpants, until you realise that there are real people fighting the real fight out there.

The medical frontliners, along with other unsung heros that have been trying to keep everything together (our police, the army, RELA officers, food delivery persons, grocery store workers, sanitation workers…) have been working around the clock and putting their lives on the line to fight the disease and keep the country safe and healthy.

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And honestly, while we’re all trying to keep safe at home, these people are at risk of contracting the virus at every minute of every day.

The best thing to do in these trying times is to band together and to fight the fight remotely. And the closest thing we can get to these heroes is via Facebook, and this Facebook group that has the medical frontliners posting their updates and their message to the world.

Here are some of the ones that caught our eyes.

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Thank you, Dr Ailing.

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