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“I Married My Sperm Donor!”

The amount of heartache Aminah Hart has gone through would haunt any woman. First, her 4-month old son Marlon passed away. Then, her second child Louis passed away at 14 months old. Both her children had different fathers, so Aminah accepted the fact when she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called x-linked myotubular myopathy.

She was 42-years-old, single and childless when she decided to take the plunge and go through IVF to try for a third child, knowing that there would be a one in four chance that her baby may have the same condition as her two other children. Aminah, who is from Melbourne,  Australia,  chose to look for a sperm donor and eventually settled on a cattle rancher who described himself as “happy and healthy” – because who wouldn’t want to be those two things?


Image: Daily Mail UK

She was inseminated and, in August 2012, gave birth to a healthy, bouncy baby girl named Leila. A year after that, she became a little curious about her daughter’s paternity roots, but it was ultimately her mother, Helen, who tracked down Scott Anderson. Aminah told ITV’s This Morning, “It was mum in the first instance. Once she found out that his name was Scott and his profile had said that he was a Simmental cattle breeder, he gave away a vital clue there.

“So Mum was able to go to the Breeders’ Association website and she found one person in Victoria who had the initial ‘S’ and she decided that must be him.


Image: SMH

“And then she found a Facebook page after that with a footie club close by to where he lived and she found a photograph and decided that must be him, so she suggested I should go and watch a footie match, then I thought, ‘Maybe that’s not the best approach.’”

Aminah instead went through an official protocol to contact Scott, so she sent an email to the Voluntary Register, which facilitates communication between the donors, and donor recipients and donor offspring. Amazingly, not only was Scott happy to be contacted, he also agreed to meet with Aminah and Leila six months after exchanging emails back and forth!


Image: Daily Mail UK

The rest, as they say, is history. Scott and Aminah spent quite some time together for Scott to get to know Leila. However, it didn’t take long for the pair to make an obvious connection of their own, start dating and soon enough get engaged, although Aminah admitted: “I think it was literally the last thing both of us expected.”

Well, the happy duo got married in December 2015 and Aminah wrote a book about her journey titled How I Met Your Father, which is set to be turned into a movie! Now, this is what we call a spectacular ending.

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