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Meet Bachelor #16: Vaenu Sharanz

Vaenu Sharanz, 24, Fitness Entrepreneur 

What is the vision behind Personal Trainers Malaysia?

Our vision is to help remove excuses like lack of time and space as reasons people fail to achieve their fitness goals. That’s why our trainers come to your doorstep, no matter where you are. We also design our workout programs with the lack of space and equipment in mind so that you can always get your workout in.

What’s your biggest life goal now?

We eventually want to be the largest affiliated personal training service in Malaysia, with networks of private gyms and residential gyms to help us meet our vision of always having a space for our clients to train.

Who do you look up to, in life and in business?

I think the most important figure in my life has to be my grandmother. The strongest individuals in my life are all women, and my grandmother tops the list for being able to raise 3 children as a single mother in a time where being a woman was difficult enough.

Tell us about your first crush.

I had a crush on my teacher in primary school. She was a substitute teacher and she thought I was cute. I guess most 8 year olds are pretty cute but I wanted to marry her.

What’s the raunchiest sext you’ve ever sent?

You won’t be able to print it. It’s pretty dirty.

What puzzles you about the opposite sex?

Why is it so hard to decide what you want to eat?! I will never get that. It’s really frustrating.

Is it acceptable for a woman to propose to a man? Why?

Absolutely yes. Because if you really are out to break gender stereotypes, there is an absolute need for women to be able to propose. And pick up the bill too.

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