Things We Wanna Tell Our Mums But Don’t Have The Guts To

Everyone can relate with this: growing up in an Asian family and we know how challenging it might be at times because, tough love. But at the end of the day, our mothers just want the best for us and everything they do or say is for our own good.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard for us to see the bigger picture because we let our emotions get to us. However, we should be thankful that we’ve managed to grow up to such fine and healthy beings today. And also strong because we get to do the Asian squat. Take that!

We can do the Asian squat. HBU?

Sometimes, our mothers may not show signs of affection or even show any feeling of excitement when we tell them our achievements. To some of us, they don’t even tell us that they love us. But it’s through those little things and sacrifices that they do that show that you’re their utmost priority. Growing up in such environment, some of us may find it hard or awkward to show that we love our mothers back.

Funny how they don’t ask for much in return, but their only wish is for you to be safe, happy and healthy. Can anyone relate with this situation: you happily forked out some money to buy your mum a gift and then ended up getting scolded in return for wasting your money instead? #SORELATABLE

“I’ve told you to not waste money. Save up for yourself instead!” — Does this ring a bell to you?

If you have mothers, or parents in general who are open-minded that you can share anything and everything with them, then you are fortunate enough because you #cantrelate. 

We know that behind every family has their own unique story so that’s why for this Mother’s Day, #TeamCLEO has asked several individuals what do they honestly want to tell their mothers, but never got the chance to do so. Feel free to see it in your own context, see the meaning behind every words that they’ve said because they’re all raw, filled with honesty. 

We do certainly hope that this will somehow make you feel aware to cherish the people around you, because we always take them for granted. Live boldly. And if you have something to say to your mum or whoever but don’t have the guts to do so, please do so or you’ll regret for not telling them. 

To all mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day from #TeamCLEO! ♥

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Because it can be hard to mutter out these three simple words.

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