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6 Modern Acts Of Chivalry That Millennial Guys Can Relate To


Is chivalry dead? We like to think that it still exists but it’s evolved to something we can all relate to in this social media era. Okay, so we can still appreciate when a guy opens doors and pulls a chair out for us at the table, but we’re talking chivalry in this modern day.


Enter Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceTime — and the whole dating game has changed. Just take a look at rom-coms today compared to even just five years ago, there’s a difference in the way people communicate with their beaus! The new Netflix film Someone Great has a complete opening montage of texts, emails and messages, and you already get the gist that it’s a breakup movie *sob*. But it’s literally how dating looks like today.


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Social media and text messaging shape how we date now, and guys are showing their love in really modern ways. Scroll to see six modern acts of chivalry your beau can totally relate to. 

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Texting to check in

He actually takes a minute to text. So gentleman!

OK, this is a sign that he’s a keeper. Especially these days when it isn’t exactly safe in the city at night. If he texts right after your date to make sure you got home (that is, if you both didn’t decide to get a ride together), you know this guy really cares and knows how to treat a woman right. Plus, a guy who bothers to text is already pretty rare.

Of course, there’s a line between texting to make sure you’re safe and downright coddling bae, so keep the texting at a reasonable amount.

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