7 Reasons Why We Need MUJI In Our Lives

The first few things that come into your mind when you think of MUJI are the practicability and functionality of their products. The Japanese brand is known to produce quality products that is loved by many people around the world just because they do what they're supposed to do at an affordable price. To make their items budget-friendly for everyone, they've even went to the extend of permanently reducing the prices of their products. Waa, sugoi ne! (Wow, that's amazing!)

Do you know that MUJI Malaysia will be celebrating its 7th anniversary this year?

Seriously? Where has the time gone to? A question we ponder every day.

It’s going to be an interesting year because MUJI aims to provide their customers with THREE goodness: Good Quality, Good Price and Good Living — ensuring the tip-top quality products without compromising design and functionality that still comes with a wallet-friendly price tag. Because if there’s anything in this world can disappoint us,  you wouldn't find any MUJI products on that list. Never going astray from its philosophy, the Japanese brand will continue to strive on improving product quality and development.

Here's to many more wonderful, yet comfortable years with MUJI!

But aren't we glad that we have MUJI in our lives because without it, where are we going to find our favourite items from furniture, clothes, skincare and food? In conjunction with MUJI's 7th anniversary, we at #TeamCLEO tells you the seven reasons why we need MUJI in our lives.

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They’re reasonably priced

You know it’s gonna be worth it when you buy MUJI products!

Whenever you’re shopping at MUJI, know that you’re actually paying for the price of the product quality and nothing more than that. Oftentimes we just want spend our money wisely as the cost of living is getting higher. But with MUJI, rest be assured that every single cent that you’re paying will be worth it because of the brand’s high standards of products and they’ll never compromise quality and functionality just to maintain an affordable price tag. Nothing more, nothing less. If there’s no MUJI, where are we going to get wallet-friendly products with such great quality? A brand that is loved by Malaysians and people around the world!

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