Muslim Women Athletes, Nike’s Got Your Back With Their Collection Of Sports Hijab

What will they say about you?

Muslim women athletes, this one’s for you. Going beyond the intention of pushing women’s rights within society, Nike has set a new goal to encourage and support women who are fighting for their dreams irrespective of the rigid gender roles. The Nike ‘Pro Hijab’ is built as a single-layer pull-on design made from lightweight polyester. Breathable yet still opaque.

This cultural shift is to allow all women, despite religious beliefs to embrace sport or simply having the option to. The collection is set to launch in Spring 2018. Nike has also released a clip to carry the message forward featuring 5 inspiring female athletes from various parts of the Arab world. A captivating video that can change the future of women in the Middle East, with a strong tag line that women in the region are well too familiar with in social situations.