8 Must-Try Cheese Tarts In Klang Valley

The cheese tart game is still strong in Malaysia, and the more choices, the better, we say! While some shops specialise in cheese tarts and only cheese tarts, other regular bakeries have jumped on the bandwagon too. Here are the must-tries to get you started on your oozy cheese and crumbly pastry trail!

Tokyo Secret

Tokyo Secret needs no introduction, as it captures its own attention with their mile-long queues at the outlet. Their Hanjyuku Cheese Tarts are claimed to be the best in Malaysia, with melt-in-your-mouth crusts and generous creamy, oozy centres made from a secret recipe that includes three types of cheeses directly imported from Japan. Their first outlet in Ikano Power Centre (IPC) in Mutiara Damansara is a cafe, where you can sit and leisurely enjoy your piping hot tarts, while their other outlet in 1 Utama is more of a walk-through store.

Price per tart: RM7.90

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

The queues at Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart are not long; you can usually get fresh ones immediately and enjoy them warm. However, the tarts seem to have a decent lifespan, as it maintains its oozy core even after it cools down. If you prefer a milder cheese flavour, these are the tarts for you; the cheese is light and smooth while the crust is firm and buttery. Their first outlet opened at AEON Mall Shah Alam and they have since expanded to Empire Shopping Gallery and Sunway Pyramid.

Price per tart: RM5.80

L Table at Lavender Bakery

Lavender’s seemingly random Hanjuku Cheese Tarts may seem to just be jumping on the bandwagon, but heck, they did a pretty great job at it! The filling is bursting with flavour with a slightly gooey texture while the crust crumbles as soon as you bite into it. There are (so far) no queues and the tarts are readily displayed for sale, so they might be a little cold by the time you get your hands on them. If you dine-in, request for your cheese tarts to be heated up so that you can enjoy a molten centre.

Price per tart: RM6

Uncle Tetsu

Uncle Tetsu, the Japanese cheesecake king, was quick to hop onto the cheese tart craze with their Kurimi Cheese Tart offering. The tarts are a tad smaller in size compared to their competitors, but also priced lower. While the filling is soft with a fragrant cheese flavour, the centre is not totally molten, making it almost resemble a cheesecake if eaten cold. The good news is that Uncle Tetsu outlets are aplenty around town, so you can easily get your cheese tart fix!

Price per tart: RM4.50


Set to open their first flagship store in 1 Utama this coming October, Pablo is much anticipated by food bloggers and cheese tart fans alike, as they are known to be Japan’s number one cheese tart. Their unique offerings are their huge tarts, which measure at about 20cm in diameter (OMG!), and the variety of flavours, from Baked Chocolate Cheese Tarts to Baked Matcha Cheese Tarts. You can also choose to have the filling in “rare” (a melted centre) or “medium” (a firmer centre). Seasonal flavours will also be introduced every now and then, so watch out for them on Pablo’s Malaysia Facebook Page!


Here are a few other bakeries offering their own version of cheese tarts, just in case you want to try them all!

Happy Happy Bread Bakery, Kajang

John King

Photo: John King's Facebook Page

Image: John King

Bake Plan, SS2

Photo: Bake Plan's Facebook Page

Image: Bake Plan

And if you’re in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea or Japan, a must-try is the ever popular BAKE Cheese Tarts, which is raved by many to be the best of the best!