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Artistes Nikki Era, Sky Katz and Rayla Are Making Waves In The Music Scene

Music is their passion <3 Rayla, Nikki Era and Sky Katz (L-R) are young rising stars in the music and entertainment world. Image Credit: Robbie Joseph, Alex Reckert and Bobby Quillard

Music is major, especially in this era. Each year, the music industry booms more with fresh new faces in the scene. Enter the new school in music: three young, new artistes who are gaining major recognition in the industry and are rising on the charts.

From pop to rap, Nikki Era, Sky Katz and Rayla are shaking up the music scene. Well, we got exclusives with them and got up close and personal. Read on to meet the three talented girls you’ll want to keep an eye on.

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Nikki’s songs have been picked up by TV and entertainment channels, such as Disney Channel, Universal and MTV. Her hip hop track with rapper Zak Downtown, “Won’t Stay Down” was chosen as the featured song for Season 2 of FOX’s music competition series, The Four: Battle for Stardom. A natural songwriter, Nikki Era finds inspiration from everything around her — she says she keeps a journal on hand at all times for that reason.

Over the past year, she had the chance to write and record Mickey’s 90th Birthday Theme song. She also released her latest single, “Fantasy Boy” where she expressed her style with a retro ’80s feel.

Nikki gets inspo for her music just about anywhere. Her habit? Keeping a journal handy. Image: Alex Reckert

How did the opportunity come about to write songs for huge entertainment companies like Disney Channel, Universal and MTV?

I work with an amazing team of producers and writers based out of New York City. It gives me the opportunity to work on my own projects as well as create music for these big companies when they get hired for a project.

Can you tell us about your songwriting process?

I think as songwriters, we are always being inspired by the world around us. I keep notes constantly in journals and voice recordings. Half the time I never go back to them, but they are like a reserve of ideas to grab inspiration from in a session.

Blending retro 80s with contemporary pop in this single, Nikki’s all about experimenting with different genres. Image: Sky Rizzo

What was it like writing and recording Mickey’s 90th Birthday theme song?

It was surreal because I don’t think any of us understood how big a theme it was! When I heard my voice during the Grammy’s commercial this year, I was like “Oh, that’s super cool!”

Your latest single “Fantasy Boy” has a blend of retro 80s elements. Can you tell us more about the inspiration to incorporate the genre into a contemporary song?

My friend Mikey Pop and I were out one night in NYC and he advised me to focus and create a world for my next project. So I thought about the last few records I had made and “Fantasy Boy” brought me the most energy! I love the past and different eras, so I decided to dive into the ’80s. I think it encompasses everything big, gaudy and over the top. From the fashion, the culture, to the music and sounds – everything was big. That’s where I got the idea to call the EP “Mega”. Big Love, Big Vibes, Big Energy <3

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