[UPDATE] People Are Bashing Taylor’s College Over A Social Influencer Scholarship

Taylor’s College is under the online spotlight and the heat is high. That’s right, we’re talking about the “Social Influencer Scholarship” that’s been the talk of the town these past few days. Taylor’s College is offering scholarships for incoming students, and one of the scholarship happens to be Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus Talent Scholarship

Here is what the scholarship form looks like:

The criteria of the scholarship mentions social influencers and people are pissed. Most are outraged at the prospect of even having such a scholarship as these “influencers” are said to come from very wealthy family backgrounds and do not deserve such aid from the university. Students have expressed their disappointment and disgust with the requirements that were set by the university for the scholars.

Taylor’s students reportedly took to the university’s unofficial community page and posted this:

While most students are in absolute outrage over this, some have called out those who have perhaps overreacted. This comes from those who are defending the scholarship recipients; claiming that whilst that may be a creative bunch, they might not have the proper financial aid to pursue a tertiary education.

Not long after that, a recipient of the scholarship posted his/her own experience and opinion on the subject at hand:



We have reached out Taylor’s University regarding this issue and this is their official statement:

Taylor’s Talent Scholarship welcomes candidates who demonstrate excellence in their studies and contribute real and meaningful change to society. To avoid possible confusion, we are changing the term “social influencer” to “social advocate”. We look forward to awarding such students in their education journey.

Taylor’s launched their Talent Scholarship in December 2017 for academics who possess outstanding talents in areas such as music, drama, sports and social influencing. They also define a social influencer as someone who is a champion of social issues who have a proven track record of organising communities to engage or solve current pressing issues.

Sole recipient of the Talent Scholarship is Daniel Devan, an entrepreneur of initiative WHEE (Where Holistic Experiences Empower) is now a medical student in the MBBS programme.