Plus-Sized Vlogger Dons Little Mermaid-Inspired Bikini to Send a Heartfelt Message

So, Disney princesses have been drawn to unrealistic standards, so in no way do they reflect the real woman body. And obviously, people get up in arms over it.

Among them was a teenage girl who petitioned for Disney to create a plus-sized princess, and Tumblr user The Nameless Doll, who transformed some of her favourite princesses to give them “fuller” bodies. Here’s her take on Belle:

Well, more recently, YouTube vlogger Loey Lane did something even more eye-catching. The beauty, style and body-confidence guru is known for giving different takes on beauty while exuding self-love. This time around, she donned a The Little Mermaid-inspired bikini and posted it on Instagram with the caption “Forever my happy place.”

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The 23-year-old also made a video titled The Not So Little Mermaid that showed her looking happy, radiant and confident. She then tells the heartbreaking story of how she went to Disney as a girl with her peers, and when they were there, they were asked to write the name of a Disney princess on their name tags.

“I wanted to be Ariel so badly because I loved The Little Mermaid,” Loey said. “Someone literally stole my name tag before I stuck it onto my clothes that day, and they crossed out ‘Ariel’ and pencilled in ‘Ursula.”

Watch the video below to listen to the rest of her story:

Loey, like a true princess, has a happy ending of course. We mean, look at her over 886,000 subscribers on YouTube and 363,000 followers on Instagram (where she posts some real gorgeous shots of herself, BTW)!

She is now also a StyleHaul partner, using her popularity to speak on behalf of young girls of all shapes and sizes. “We need to empower young girls and women to feel beautiful in their bodies,” she said. “And that does start when young girls can see figures of themselves, whether it’s a Barbie, or a princess,” the inspiring vlogger said.