How To Deal With PMS (And Keep Your BF)

PMS can cause all sorts of havoc to your relationship if you’re not careful. You are after all in an emotionally unstable period (excuse the pun). Take the reigns on your monthly cycle before you drive your SO out the door.

What time is it?

It’s an emotional time. Understand that there is a storm brewing in your body and this is causing you to be a bit more emotional than you think. If you’re tempted to bring up something that is really pissing you off, ask yourself this, “How much of this is how I feel and how much of this is PMS?” The result is more illuminating than you would think.

Put off the fights.

When you feel trouble brewing, tell yourself that you can discuss it after your PMS has passed. Chances are you’ll realise that it wasn’t as big a deal as you thought. He’s not bothered by your irrational outburst, and you don’t say anything you don’t mean – it’s a win-win for everyone.

Death by chocolate.

This is one we all love. The truth is, we don’t say it for the love of chocolate, we say it… well, because science. You crave chocolate because it makes your brain release serotonin, a chemical that makes you feel happy. So go ahead and indulge, guilt-free.

Run a (tv) marathon.

Most times when you’re PMS-ing you want to be around people you’re comfortable with. But at the same time, people you’re comfortable with turn into people you want to strangle because they ask you stupid things like, “Are you PMS-ing?” Choose a flick over a fight and watch a movie alone instead. You won’t be annoyed by anyone or anything.


Sometimes it’s really not his fault he doesn’t understand what you’re going through. It’s like when he tries to explain what it feels like when he got kneed in the nether region during futsal. It’s good to call a girlfriend who knows what you’re going through. You’ll feel loads better, we guarantee it!