Pulse Of The Rhythm: An Interview With Octave One

Presented by the Red Bull Music Academy, techno legends from Detroit, US – Lawrence and Lenny Burden took over the podium at KYO, Mandarin Oriental on March 17th for their first ever show here in the heart of our city, Kuala Lumpur.

For over two decades in the dance music scene, trust the Burden brothers to serve you techno anthems to have you up ’till dawn. There’s a strong connection between them and the machines that is well communicated to the audience as soon you step on the dance floor. Read on to find out how they tour with the extra baggage of remaining analog and a word of advice for new DJs and creatives in the scene:

Octave One tunes have been on DJ playlists worldwide for over two decades now – how have you guys adapted to the change in the music scene?

We don’t know if we’ve so much adapted to the changing music scene as much as we’ve paid attention to it. We tend to just keep making Octave One music the way we like to produce and then determine if we have to make any changes to it to fit the current dj’s mix style or playlist.

Are you both the only ones who enjoy performing live sets on top of travelling all the time – among all five Burden brothers?

Yea, myself (Lawrence) and Lenny are the only two who have any desire to hop on planes, trains and automobiles to hit the stages around the world to jam on these tunes. Our other brothers still love to create constantly but, the idea of traveling the world with a live recording studio in tow is no desire of theirs at all.

All your live shows are analog-driven, how do you guys manage equipment and all of that gear on tour?

The truth of the matter is that we started our lives many years ago as roadies for other bands. And we developed the skills of packing and shipping of equipment so that it arrived safely for the artist even before we were the artist it needed to arrive for. It’s not easy but we manage to move our gear all over the world as checked luggage without any special equipment shipping for now, but the ‘Mothership” is steadily growing!

Octave One live at KYO KL was your first ever show out here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. How was the experience? Would you guys come back for the KL crowd?

Yes, the KYO KL show was our first live one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it was a blast! Nice packed room full of screaming people dancing and sweating together all night… Yes of course we can’t wait to come back and play again and again!

Your schedules always packed with shows in Europe and obviously, the US. Any significant difference you’ve observed with the audience here in Asia?

Really and truly there’s not much of a difference in our audience here in Asia compared to the rest of the world where we play. We all just enjoy this dance music culture and the vibe that it presents and the pulse of the rhythms drive us all the same way. The shows might have larger audiences elsewhere but the hunger for the music is still the same.

If both of you could give a word of advice for anyone starting out in the scene, what would you say?

Whatever you do try to do it from the love and the passion from your heart and you’ll be satisfied and fulfilled by it first. Anything else that you receive on top of that satisfaction will just be cream.

Listen to their latest music below and for updates on the duo, hop on over to their official website.