The REAL Pros and Cons of Sexting

From researches associating sexting with engagement in risky sexual behaviour to leaked nudies plastered across the internet, sexting has formed a bit of a bad reputation. Is it really all that bad?

PRO: It can be used to build intimacy.
Experts agree that sexting isn’t all bad, and can even serve as foreplay for two people. And because you’d be doing it in a separate non-face-to-face medium, it gives you the freedom to be uninhibited and express your erotic dimensions in a way that you normally wouldn’t. Plus point? After a full day of scintillating messages and teasing, you’ll literally be ripping each other’s clothes off when you finally meet.

PRO: It can add spice to your love life.
A study conducted at the University of Kentucky suggested that sexting could be a good form of couples therapy. Think about it, if things have fallen a little flat (sexually) between friends of yours who happen to be dating, wouldn’t you suggest them to try new things? Since it’s almost a hedonistic cheeky thing for two people who are comfortable with each other to engage in, it might just be that thing to inject excitement back!

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PRO: The virtual big O can be empowering.
Some women have confessed feeling empowered and sexy via sexts, it’s the driving of the conversation and having instant feedback about what’s working and what’s not. Like good sex, there’s a give and take and being able to create the flow of a story together.

PRO/CON: It’s one of those things that require a huge deal of trust.
This one is a double-edged blade because it can be a trust-building exercise if you’re open, and honestly, being smart about it (there’s always an option of mutually assured destruction). But even if you do explicitly trust someone, there’s no guarantee that your pictures won’t end up plastered all over or somewhere similar (remember J-Law and the fappening?).

CON: The newfound sense of empowerment can lead to promiscuous behaviour.
A study which involved over 700 young adult participants have shown that sexting becomes a gateway for other high-risk behaviours. In the above-mentioned empowerment that comes along with sexting, the participants who indulge in this modern day form of erotica are more likely to have sex with someone they just met, have unprotected sex, or even indulge in other risky behaviour such as drugs. (Yikes!)

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CON: When sexting becomes false intimacy or a digital affair.
Most people in the digital day and age would consider e-flirting as cheating, what more sexting. It’s all fun and games if you’re in an adult consensual relationship, but lines get a little more blurry when the person you’re sexting isn’t someone you’re dating.

CON: One way traffic.
Not unlike sex, it’s easy for one side to be more dominant. But when it’s one-sided sexting, it can become awkward or uncomfortable and it’ll defeat the purpose of doing it to begin with.