A Year After #GE14: 6 Things Millennials Aren’t Happy About

How time has flown — it has been a year since the new government has been elected in our country, and it seems like a good time to reflect on what’s been done and the changes that have been made. The start of Malaysia Baru on 9th May 2018 gave many of us hope and it was also a time when a lot of us in our age group could vote!

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The rakyat came together, whether or not we were in the country. We used our voices, some of us for the first time and it was truly a historic day.

#TeamCLEO asked our readers and friends about the improvements they want to see from the government. They also spoke up about the causes they believe in and want the government to focus on.

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Among them are more female representation in parliament (defo), more inclusiveness, improving the education system and de-stigmatising mental health. Scroll through to read what they had to say!

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More Female representation

“We’ve always talked about empowering women and increasing female representation in public and private sectors in Malaysia. I think what will be more powerful is to be able to change those from conversation topics to an acceptable societal norm for a truly ‘Malaysia Baru'”. – Joelle, 26, Project Leader

“I’d like to see more successes on the government’s part to champion women’s rights— such as female representation in parliament, laws to protect women from social issues such as domestic abuse, marital rape, child marriage etc. [This] should be a priority for them in this term.” – Rachel, 26, Content Producer

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