5 Self Branding Tips That’ll Help Upgrade Your Life

In the day of Insta and digital platforms, self-branding really matters. Sometimes, what you post and put out in the world can precede you when it comes to making connections, networking and applying for jobs. It’s almost as if everyone has their own brand or at least a distinct aesthetic for the ‘gram.

An article on Forbes’ top influencer Jeff Bullas’ website states that knowing what makes you stand out and your values can really help in defining your personality online. Even if you don’t want to be Insta-famous (you don’t need to be, really), these self-branding tips can show you how to more authentically portray yourself on social media and the Internet.

It can also help you to get that dream job you’ve been eyeing. How? We ask some experts and here are their main tips.


You’re unique in your own way — so own that

Let’s get into some tips on how to build that unique brand of yours. Firstly, be yourself! Sarah Lian, Malaysian host, TV personality and actor says it’s important to share your personal views and your interests on social media. Once you start expressing your views, people can get a real sense of what your brand is all about.

It’s actually crucial to note this as your entire social media persona can backfire when others can see that you’re not being original. For instance, if you’re copying someone else’s narrative. Sarah mentions that people can easily suss that you’re not being yourself and that can totally put people off. 


How you’ll feel after having your personal website up

This move really depends on your goals for yourself, but having a personal website allows you to shape the way you portray yourself to the world. Sarah shares that a website helps you to tell the story of who you are, and to present your credentials and portfolio of work. It’s like a blank canvas for you to be totally creative and the process is entirely for yourself. Most importantly, it’s a super convenient way for people to get in touch with you!

Shir Chong, Art of Pout Founder, international supermodel and actress, thinks that having a website is a great way to be seen professionally and her tip is to add your own identity into the design of the site. Your personality will show through from the moment people click onto your site. Giving your self-branding some thought is worth doing, in our opinion, because aside from setting yourself apart from others in the workforce and the Internet space, you’ll get to find out more about yourself along the way. You’ll also strongly put your values and strengths across in anything that you do. 

3: DO YOUR RESEARCH About the field you want to be in

We’d pick Jessica Alba as our mentor any day

Entering into a particular field as a newbie can be exciting. But before you jump right in, read articles on the industry or speak to those who are in it for a clearer idea of what you can do to really shine. Shir says that having a few role models can help you find out what made them successful and the stories behind their challenges — and this is totes valuable info that you won’t find just anywhere.

4: you’re visible, so make it count!

Be a little more mindful about what you post, ‘coz eyes are everywhere

This may be an obvious one, but sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out. Anything you share on social media will likely be seen by the person who’s looking to hire you or work with you. While not all employers seek out people with a strong social media presence, it still represents who you are and potentially what they are dealing with.

“The visual/verbal story that you tell will be huge indicators of your attitude, your sensibilities, your interests and employers can use that to determine if it fits their culture,” Sarah says. Also, Shir’s tip is to “be careful of overpromising your abilities” so that you don’t mislead your employers.

“Once you start expressing your views, people can get a real sense of what your brand is all about.”

5: focus on QUALITY content OVER QUANTITY

It’s easy to get a little carried away…

While it might be tempting to post daily to keep up your social media presence, Sarah advises that it’s not as helpful as making sure you’re posting quality content. Having your own brand means building on it instead of focusing on the number of likes. It’s still important to have regular posts up, but they shouldn’t be too repetitive. 

On the other hand however, from Shir’s personal experience, she finds frequent posting effective in gaining more reach. She advises to just keep the content focused on your purpose (whether it’s a business or personal account) and don’t be afraid of experimenting with types of content you put out! Ultimately, have a think about the kinds of content that will add value to your brand and to your audience.”