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Sex Things Only Long-Term Couples Will Get

People often use the analogy that being attached is like leaving a party before it’s midnight. But guess what? You’re leaving with someone who’s actually into you while you’re both sober, getting a pizza, a few beers and catching a Walking Dead marathon. Here are 10 sex things every woman in a long-term relationship knows to be true…

mr & mrs smith
You’re not at all jelly when your gal pals brag about their amazing one night stands.

You just inwardly thank the gods that smiled on you with a great partner who consistently delivers good sex who also loves to cuddle (also because leaving right after sex is so overrated).

You might decide to try a new sex position every now and then.

But you’ll end up in one of the three usual positions anyway, because “spicing things up” is overrated and you might end up pulling muscles you didn’t even know you had.

You both know exactly all the when’s, how’s and what’s to get each other off.

Because the best sex is consistent sex with a partner.

You refrain from physically hurting people when they ask if sex gets boring.

Things might not be as interesting or adventurous when you both had the stamina and the imagination to match, but it always ends with both parties satisfied (which is more than most new couples can say anyway…).

You no longer even bother with sexy lingerie.

Because you know he’s going to pounce you even if you’re just in sweatpants.

You get to use sex as a bartering currency.

“You can go ahead and watch the game with the boys, but honey, you’re not getting any sex if you do.”

You won’t even consider going for a wax down there.

Because you know that if he really cared about you being post-pubescent down there, he wouldn’t have stayed with you.

You can be forgiving when you miss a couple of sex notes here and there.

Because it’s not necessarily about sex, it’s about the looooooooove… #noreally

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