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Shut The Front Door! Is YOUR School On This Hit List?

It’s been a couple of years since team CLEO has left school and boy, do we miss it! However, it doesn’t seem like school is the same as it was with these arising issues.

According to recent reports by the News Straits Times (NST), an anonymous source came forward with a list of schools with disciplinary and drug issues which was then later clarified by the Malaysian Education Ministry. During a meeting for Students Disciplinary Problems Meeting, the Malaysia Education Ministry verified the list with officials who had worked with the anonymous source.

What does this mean for our future generation? Are there any schools left worth sending our kids to?

Here’s the list of schools that made the list:

Category 1 (Disciplinary issues)

Category 3 (Disciplinary and drug issues)

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Image: New Straits Times (NST)

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