We Gender-Swapped Celebs At Cannes 2019 With The Snapchat Filter And……

You know, you have to hand it to Snapchat for their resilience. At one point of time they were safely ensconced in their niche of disappearing pictures (and n00dz), silly avatar filters and real-time updates of celebrities as they lived their lives (all hail the era we live in!).

You gotta just love being #random on Snapchat

When Instagram Stories it was almost like Snapchat was rendered obsolete. We mean let’s be honest, instead of using two different sources, everything was in one safe place: Instagram. No need to snap over to Snapchat.

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It’s mid-2019 and now, the Snapchat Gender Swap filter has infiltrated the Internet and we have to admit — it’s creepy, strange and accurate??? While you’re always strangely curious about how you’d look as the opposite gender, the results aren’t always what you expect. Cases in point: many of us at #TeamCLEO look SLIMEY as the opposite gender. Just saying.

So we tried it on the beautiful, swanlike celebrities that got dressed up to the nines and graced the 2019 Cannes Film Festival in their sparkliest and best. And honestly, they look damn good.

These Cannes-going A-listers didn’t see this coming. Here we go…


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10/10 Would Still Do Selena Gomez

Y’know, maybe good genes just follows through both genders. Selena is gorgeous as a woman and a man!

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