What’s The Actual Deal With Sound Therapy?

Compiled By Lina Esa Featured Image Be Urban Wellness Instagram page

There are treatments, therapies, cleanses and purges. It’s funny how the wellness world has a whole bunch of things to offer and market, but who knows what’s actually good for you? You may have heard of (haha!) sound healing and sound therapy, but if you haven’t tried it and you want to know a little more about what it’s all about, we’ve had Friends of CLEO who’ve tried it tell us all about their experiences.

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If you think you need some time out, you need it

“What’s involved? The goal of sound healing is to break you out of a rut, by presenting new vibrations to your body and mind and ‘shaking’ you out of it into a new mode of being.

“Usually, you’ll come out feeling relaxed, refreshed, and lighter, but there can also be reactions like headaches or irritation. The practitioner tunes in intuitively to what the room needs, channeling sounds to allow the session to unfold.

“Every time is different — it depends on how you feel, too. For example, In one session I was brought back to a primordial pure state, and felt like I was bathed in nature and love. Immediately after, I felt like I was seeing everything in a new state — like a reset button. Another time, I felt tremendous irritation! Afterwards, I realised I had not been in an open state of mind, and had certain expectations of the session which were not met, hence my upset.” — Loo Jia Wen, Artist and Yogi

if you have a busy mind, you should try it

“My first experience was at a pop-up event at Snackfood, Bangsar — a 30-min crystal sound bath. We laid down and covered our eyes with a small towel so we could fully immerse ourselves into the experience without any distractions.

“Our practitioner, Sari, had a rainbow assortment of crystal tone bowls, each with a different tone unique to the bowl, which she gently struck, then made circles around the rim to create sound and vibration that flows through you.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but once I was able to let go, I felt calm and peaceful. Immediately after, there was a very strong sense of calm and relaxation. A very effective time-out from the humdrum of daily life.

“Because each practitioner uses varying bowls with different properties and vibrations, each experience is always slightly different. But the overall result for me is always one of peace and calm.” — Jenn Low, Entrepreneur

now, where can you try it in kl?

While you may think you’re hard-pressed to find a new-age therapy such as sound therapy in Malaysia, you’ll be mistaken. There are sound healing and sound therapy practitioners who have mastered their art in nudging you and your cells back to newness. Among them are Lou Eu and Devi Eu who are sound healers at Alchemie Boutique.

Here, the stresses of your life are shaken off by a cellular sonic massage, using planetary gongs and crystal singing bowls. “The intricate sonic landscape [of sound therapy] rejuvenates you on a mental, emotional and physical level, thus unlocking a greater sense of wholeness,” said Lou Eu.

Lou and Devi in their studio. Image Credit: Shot by Zhong Lin for CLEO Malaysia

Find Alchemie Boutique at 19-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru.