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Surviving The Weekday Party: A Step-By-Step

As you fight through all of the holiday parties, you’ll need an extra hand or two in surviving your work day without a warning letter from HR. The key? Planning ahead…

Meet your new BFF called water.

Always remember that hydration is key.

Having some water every couple of drinks will be the gift that keeps on giving come sunrise. If you’re worried about the snooty drunks questioning your libation of choice, disguise it as vodka with lemon and ice.

Your other BFF is called food.

Absorb that alcohol and line your stomach with some grease, whether it be that sinful midnight nasi lemak or finding your way to a 24-hour McDs joint.

If you’re not sure if you can keep your eyes open that long then order some bar snacks – fries, nachos, buffalo wings, they’ll all work the same.

Shower when you get home.

Don’t be that kind of drunk who passes out the moment she gets home and then sprays on some perfume before she leaves the house.

You know you’ll be hitting the snooze button come morning, so plan ahead and avoid smelling like the floor of a brewery in the morning. Your boss will be able to smell all those Jägerbombs oozing from your pores if you don’t, trust us.

Feel the hangover, don’t look it.

Keep from looking like the cast from The Walking Dead by laying out what you’re going to wear before you leave the house.

There’s not quicker tell then when you saunter into work with bed hair, in sunglasses and looking like you reached for the first thing when you rolled out of bed.

Also a plus point? Making sure you have the right kind of colour on your face; a swipe of blush and some eye drops can do wonders.

Don’t starve the hangover.

Either with a handy bottle of 100 Plus or 12 cups of coffee to be sipped throughout the day, make sure you have something that will hydrate you and keep energy levels up.

And since your body will STILL be recovering from the drinkfest, you’ll be craving greasy, fatty, salty foods. Give in to the cravings, but hold back on just how much you’ll be chowing down. You don’t want to have that mid-day digestion crash.


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