Get Loved Up By CLEO’s Hot Shot Tati Hani And Her Pinterest-Worthy Wedding

Photos supplied by Tati Hani; Photography and Videographer are by Jubsi

Love. Naturally, when it comes to a topic like love, there’s nothing like finding a quote to set the tone. 

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply
gives you courage.”  – Lao Tzu

It’s not easy to love, but it’s something worth fighting and persisting for. A blessed few are granted the space and the reality to be able to form a bond and deeply love each other. And in that, it’s inspiring to find couples who found each other (and fell in love at first sight) and decided to embark on a journey of love together. 

Tati Hani, the co-founder of Hani Mokhta, a bespoke bridal design boutique that’s based in Kuala Lumpur, is counted as one of the blessed few and tied the knot with her husband Adham Mutahir in 2017. And in the most Hollywood-film way ever, she told CLEO that they locked eyes from across the room and she was done!

“The first time I saw Adam was during 2014’s KL Fashion Week. When I looked up at the media box where he was standing (and working from), there were a handful of cameramen in the media box but there was one in particular, who caught my eye. He was completely my type, and my heart would race every time I would catch his eye and gaze from across the venue. Boy, for some reason was I smitten!

“After the KLFW love-bug, we finally met again in January 2015 (almost 7 months after). I could remember the exact moment as I was leaving work for home, when I bumped into him queuing up for a pizza (at the pizza spot right below my then-office). I decided I may as well try my luck and said “Hi” to him… And we have been nearly inseparable since! We’re both very lucky, that’s for sure!”

From designing bridal dresses and bringing to life the dream of many brides, to creating a dream wedding of her own seemed like a magical way to turn her life full circle. Planning the wedding at Puteh, Subang was also something unconventional but close to the couple.

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“We were fortunate enough to secure Chenta Weddings to work on the hall decoration and flower arrangements. We gave them our ‘inspiration’ but they had the ultimate creative control. We had wholeheartedly trusted them and this definitely paid off. Everything was pretty perfect for us!” 

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If you’re about to get married, take in some inspiration from Tati and Adham’s wedding and pin these to your moodboard. You’ll get that loving feeling <3

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The Dress


Even though Tati herself is a bridal gown designer, she trusted her friends at Mimpikita (where she also used to work) to do her wedding dress. Her bridesmaid dresses were designed and created by her sister and other half of Hani Mokhta, Farah Hani. How lovely! 

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