The Malaysian Female Artists You Need To Know: Sugee Wee

From sculptors to illustrators and painters to miniature artists, we spoke to eight of Kuala Lumpur’s most interesting artists about their distinctive art-forms and to unravel their killer art-titude.

In this first installment, we have Sugee Wee (@sugeedrawdraw), an illustrator and owner of PowPowJellyFish (@powpowjellyfish), a handcrafted lifestyle product label, about her passions for the different kinds of art, her trademark style and how she came up with such a quirky name for her business.

How did your love for illustration transcend into a passion for macrame making?

There were always parts of me that sometimes switch between illustration and making macrame or other different fiber art. My love for both art forms coexists, yet I can only focus on one thing at a time.

Can you tell us more about PowPowJellyFish?

PowPowJellyFish is a handcrafted lifestyle product label that focuses solely on a textile making technique, called macrame. We believe every object in one’s home represents a part of one’s self and is what turns a house, into a home. With PowPowJellyFish, it’s our wish to make products that make people feel the same way too.

What’s the story behind the name?

When I was in high school, I used to doodle my signature jellyfish anytime I could and my friends would tease me for my occasional bad temper. That’s how the initial brand name “violent jellyfish” first came about, but after another friend suggested using “Pow Pow” in place of “violent”, the name stuck!

How do you bring out emotions and feelings through your work?

I think it’s quite obvious that when I’m feeling vibrant, there are always colours and patterns. When I’m feeling down, drawing line work is always a very good therapy!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope that I’d be able to stay passionate about the things I love, be true to myself and doing something that my heart truly desires, even if it’s an entirely different art form. And  I wish to show my craft on a global platform.

How do you maintain a trademark style but keep each artwork refreshingly new?

The girls that I draw all have very similar facial features: always a massive cheekbone, side-eyes and a mole above the lips. I keep things new by experimenting with different moods and fashion choices for each girl.

What is beautiful to you?

In a world where beauty has such a narrow definition, nothing much stands out anymore. But to me, beauty lies in anything that’s weird, imperfect or distinctively unusual.

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