The Story Behind This Bangladeshi Worker’s Gaze As Captured By A Malaysian Photographer

With the hustle and bustle of life, you can forget that beauty lies anywhere. Sometimes even the prejudice you have for certain things can taint the beauty of it. But for this freelance photographer, he saw an opportunity in the simplest setting and he took it.

A portrait of a Bangladeshi worker has gone viral on Twitter and has left netizens entranced. Abeden Mung, a Malaysian freelance photographer, took the photo and posted it online on March 21.

Since then, the photo has attracted plenty of attention from users and have gained more than 25 thousand retweets. According to Malay Mail, many netizens were curious on how he managed to get such a beautiful shot, so Mung went on to tell the story behind it.

“He is an MRT construction worker at the site near Jalan Ipoh, near where I have breakfast each day.

“I first met him when I was doing a vlog. I didn’t have the chance to snap him because I was filming but this morning, he was there again,” he wrote.

Mung added that he thought the worker’s eyes is a “must” to photograph because of its unique colour. He also said that the worker was extremely bashful despite having looks fit for the runway.

“And he was very shy, plus he didn’t really know where to look at, maybe because I was shooting using a phone?

“Again and again, I pointed at the camera on my phone but the shots were just not right until he looked straight into the lens and started sweating a bit.

“Then I got this. Isn’t he beautiful?” Mung wrote.

A few Twitter users have been asking Mung to track the worker down and do a proper shoot with him, saying that maybe it’ll even lead to a proper modelling contract. On 27 March, the photographer came back with an update saying that he found out that the construction worker’s name is Irfan Malik.

But bad news, the worker is rather freaked out that people are asking for his photos now. However, Mung added that he will keep tracking the accidental model down to explain the whole situation.

One thing’s for sure, that smize would’ve gotten him ‘Picture of the Week’ on Asia’s Next Top Model.

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