The Weekend Round-Up: 5 Events You Need To Be At

Another week has gone by and it’s time to put up your feet and indulge in a lil’ R&R.

Us on weekends

Rolling around in bed is great, but weekends feel better when it’s filled with fun things. Once you’re done resting and are ready to head out, we’ve got a list of things for you to fill your weekend with!

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P!nk Art Exhibition

Dive into a world of sweet sweet rebellion at P!NK, a group art exhibition consisting of talented local artists like Nadhir Nor, dearnessy and Daniel Adams. As the name goes, the exhibition revolves around the colour and how it has a wide range of positive and negative connotations. The exhibition will explore the tug-of-war between Malaysia’s traditional values and the changes needed in this every changing world.

Date: 5 – 13 October
Location: Rumah Tangsi
Time:  4PM – 8PM
For more info, click here

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