8 Things That Guys Think They Can Fix

Guys’ actual knowledge to do the thing they say they know how to do might not really match their bravado. Surprise surprise! Here’s a list of things that men think they can fix, but really can’t.

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The window or door that won’t open.

He’ll use so much brute force to “fix” a jammed window that he will actually break it.

Your computer.

“Did you try turning it off and then on again, honey?”

Leaking tap/showerhead/tank.

He’ll just go in with a wrench and tighten everything. And it’ll be back to leaking again in a week.

Broken hose/lamp/chair.

“If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape.”

The television.

He’ll try that one trick that he also tries with your computer – turn it off and on again.

The printer.

If you’re not low on ink or it’s not a paper jam, he’s just going to unplug everything, wait five minutes, replug and restart it.

Dead plants.

“It just needs some water, sunlight, fertiliser… and maybe some new seeds.”

Your relationship.

Because he’ll try anything and everything under the sun to attempt to mend things except maybe sitting down and talking about it.