Why Thursdays Are Best Days For Sex

Wednesdays might be called hump day, but science says that Thursday is the REAL hump day. A study conducted by the London School of Economics reveals that Thursday morning is the best time of the week to get it on.

To be more specific, the study found that Thursday morning is best for having sex. Why? Because natural cortisol levels (which stimulate sex hormones) are at their highest at this particular time on this particular day.

The study states it’s about synchronized hormone levels between a man and woman – oestrogen and testosterone levels are nearly five times higher than usual on Thursdays mornings, which makes it ideal for some hanky panky!

Other interesting revelations from the study include the fact that Mondays are the best days to buy a camera, Tuesdays for eating out at a restaurant, Wednesdays to ask for a pay raise and go shopping, Fridays for selling your home and getting married, and Sundays are the best days to end an eBay auction.

It’s an odd grouping of data, but there it is. Do what you will with the information, like maybe wake up early for a little morning hump? We don’t know.

But we do know that some good morning lovin’ might just be an acceptable reason to be late for work. Especially on a Thursday…