8 Tips To One HOT Make Out Session

Employ these sizzling tactics to take your make out session to a whole new level (and completely blow his mind!).

Get On Top
If you can’t find a comfortable position, always go for the straddle. Whether you’re on a couch, in a car, or in bed, don’t hesitate to get on top. That sexy, take charge energy says that you’re ready for some serious fun, and puts his mind at ease on whether you’re comfortable or not.

Play With His Hair
Even let out an uncontainable moan when someone ran their fingers through your hair? You can bet that guys like it too. Pull on it if you’re feeling feisty, twine a strand around your finger, or just gently run your hands through the side of his head, and it’ll all send shivers down his spine.

Give The Neck Some Attention
The back of the neck is an erogenous zone for many men, so don’t be afraid to give his neck a little rub or squeeze while you’re kissing. Caress it, scratch it, grab it, anything you can think of to do with your hands that won’t result in lasting pain or damage will probably work.

Suck on His Fingers
This one might sound weird, but between kisses, put his thumb or fingers that was just resting on your face into your mouth and suck on it. Look him straight in the eye, and you’re bound to get him even more hot and bothered. Why? Well, the action reminds him of another male fantasy, so don’t feel too weird about trying this one out.

Mix It Up
Don’t be afraid to mix things up in the course of action. The element of surprise is on your side, and you can tease him by grinding you body against his, or nipping a kiss on his neck every now and again. Take control of the situation and things might just get hotter and heavier.

Whisper Sweet Nothings In His Ear
You can do dirty talk, or simply whisper, ‘I want you,’ before going back to passionately making out. Of course the key point to remember is that your senses are heightened when you’re engaged in a heavy make out session, so keep the volume to a minimal and it’ll be just sultry and seductive enough to get him riled up.

Let The Hands Roam
How awkward would it be if making out only involved your lips? Don’t be afraid of moving your hands around his body, and he’ll do the same. Caress him with gentle touches, knead his hair, graze your fingernails down his back, and react to his touches. Treat it like a sensual roller coaster and it’s an exclusive ride for just the two of you.

Teasing Is All Fun and Games
Want to up the heat on your make out sesh even more? Gently suck or lightly nibble his lower lip every now and then, and then go back to gentle soft kisses. Not only will he return the favour, gradually increasing your arousal and his, the slow buildup will only amp up the hot factor more!