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Gorgeous Asian Boutique Hotels You Have To Stay At Over The Long Weekend

Now that we can add more long weekends to our calenders, it’s the perfect time to plan a weekend escape!

Thanks to Secret Retreats, the “boutique” travel specialists in discovering magical new places and experiences across Asia – they’ve launched a new series of ‘Weekend Escapes’ to idyllic backwaters of Asia.

With two-night packages to havens steeped in history; from tropical Lombok and the Mekong Delta to fabled Penang and a legendary hot-spring, we’ve got you covered.

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Hotel Tugu Lombok, indonesia 

Along miles of pristine white sand beach, Hotel Tugu Lombok is a heavenly escape to an Indonesian island backwater where local life continues today much the same as it has done for centuries.

Framed by a majestic sunrise over Mount Rinjani, the museum-esque hotel is a monument to Indonesia’s art, history and culture, housing antiques and artefacts revealing the romantic stories and legends of its ancient kingdoms.

The clear blue water in front of Hotel Tugu Lombok is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and at night a picture perfect tropical dream takes over, amid sparkling waters, the boat of the hotel over the sea and shadows of whispering palm leaves floating seductively under the silvery full moon and a million stars.

The two night package priced from US$1200 in a beachfront bungalow includes a traditional Balinese Massage, a deep-tissue technique passed from generation to generation, along with a lavish daily breakfast, romantic dinner and daily sunset high-tea savouring local delicacies while overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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