Watch This Japanese YouTuber Nail The Malaysian Girl Look

Ooof. Cosplay on point. Image: iChang on Youtube

Put her in the crowd at the pasar malam and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. The Malaysian heat is somethin’ else, and because of it it’s no surprise that most of us gravitate to the good ol’ shorts and T-shirt combo, especially on lazy days. Japanese Youtuber, iChang, made a good observation on our fashion choices.

“I can picture what they wear now. It’s always flip-flops and short pants,” she says in the video, “like something they wear at home.”

In a video, iChang and her husband headed to Tesco and started their ‘Malaysian girl’ cosplay mission. Their game plan? Simple. Get a T-shirt, comfy shorts and flip-flops. As they were looking for their items, her husband suddenly spotted a local that served as the inspo.

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Spot the difference. Image credit: iChang on YouTube

Check out their hilarious adventure here.