Ways A Guy Says ‘I Love You’ (Without Saying It)

Sometimes, the actions of a guy can tell you a lot more than his words. And if he’s doing any of this, it’s his way of saying he loves you even if he doesn’t verbalise it often. Actually, it’s especially if he doesn’t say it often.

When he tells you you’re beautiful.

And he actually means it, even if you have no make-up on/are hungover/are PMS-ing.

When he wants new experiences with you.

Maybe he’s not particularly sentimental, but if he’s always looking to try new restaurants, or travel to new places, or see a show, what he means is, “I love you and I want to share new things with you.”

I guess you need to marry him now.

When he orders the other dessert you want.

Even though he’s not a dessert person, he orders the cheesecake because you’ve ordered the red velvet cupcake and he knows you don’t like sounding like a glutton to the waiter.

When he goes shopping with you.

Because it doesn’t matter if he’s not having a good time, as long as you’re having time together.

When he takes care of you when you’re sick.

Come on, no woman looks good throwing up or uncontrollably having snot ooze out from her face. But he’s braving all that because your comfort is more important than his own.

I can’t help it if I’m perpetually sick, Boo. 

When he meets your friends.

If he’s willing to meet the family you choose (or even your real family) then he’s saying loud and clear that you matter.

When you sleep together but not sleep together.

Any man can just take a woman to bed if she wants it, but cuddling up to someone because he just wants to be close; Because it makes him happy to have you near even without perks? That is when it means something heck of a lot more.

When you do absolutely nothing together.

Real intimacy is when you’re not even doing anything, yet there’s a comfort in sharing the same space and just being together. So the next time you’re just hanging and watching TV or just doing the dishes in silence, know that not everything needs to be said out loud.

Always a cuddle party when he’s around…