We Got Our Hands On McDonald’s Limited Edition Hello Kitty Carrier

Ah, human beings, we’re such suckers y’know. Nothing gets us off our seats faster than the words ‘sale’ or ‘limited edition’.

So when we heard about McDonald’s collaboration with Hello Kitty, we had to get our hands on it. I mean, it’s all about that statement bag nowadays innit?

Never hurt nobody!

The gameplan? Simple. Get to McDonalds before 10AM and pray we get one of those cuties.

I arrived at 9.30AM and the line was already that long! Instead of moping around that I wasn’t the first in line (Virgo tings!) I went straight to the worker that was giving out tags shows that I’m here for the Hello Kitty carrier and I was the 55th person in line. Wow.

Look at the line!

I never would’ve thought that I’d line up for a Hello Kitty carrier at 24, but there I was. I even overheard some people queuing up saying that they took the day off work to get the carrier. Talk about dedication.

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Isn’t this the cutest?

An hour and a few cups of orange juice in, we finally got our hands on it!

brb, wiping my tears

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