7 Weird Hangover Cures That Work!

Most people swear by their slice of greasy pizza, others their Tom Yum soup. We break down the science behind some of the more eccentric hangover cures that work, so you can keep your party season going guilt-free…

A banana milkshake.

Simply blend a banana with ½ cup of milk and a couple of ice cubes. This mix doesn’t just soothe the stomach with a calming thick presence, it also replaces electrolytes and potassium and is high in vitamin B.

Bacon sandwich.

In 2009, the University of Newcastle claimed that a bacon sandwich is the best way to cure that hangover. The ketchup and bread consists of the carbohydrates to compensate from that night of hard drinking. Bacon contains amino acids and the salt in the bacon will replace what you lost.

A can of cola.

The fizz calms the raging hangover nausea, the liquid content replenishes the water lost and the caffeine and sugar hit gives that jolt of energy you need to hop into the shower and get functional again. Just make sure you don’t add more alcohol to your cola. Or do, some people swear by staying drunk to stave off the hangover anyway…

Sweat it out.

This Native American belief that alcohol leaves the body through sweat and recovers the body faster involves exercising to build up sweat, and then licking it off their bodies and spitting it out! Strange, but maybe it works! Studies have shown that trying to sweat out your booze can help boost your mood and even burn some of those beer calories you ingested, so sweat ahead (just be sure you stay hydrated with water).


It’s not just good for your fibre count, the proteins and minerals in the stalks can help your liver release the toxins from your two and the half bottles of Pinot Noir.

Peanut butter sandwich.

Starving but too hungover to go anywear near a stove? The peanut butter sandwich is your best match. Loaded with sugar, carbohydrate and protein, it’s also pretty easy to chow down. Yum!

Chocolate milk.

Too hungover to even move? Well your mom would be so proud of this one – go to bed with a carton of chocolate milk. Like the way the smoothie works, it sooths the stomach and covers the nausea part of your handover. The lactose and sucrose levels also balances out your carbs and salts craving and also supplies vitamins that your body is woefully missing after a hard night’s partying.